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Our mission is to develop complete and well rounded athletes through our 3 Pillars: Education, Nutrition, and Performance while providing them with the tools, resources, and knowledge that I wish I had access to growing up playing.  

Custom Wellness Solutions is not just here for athletes, but for their families and friends helping all individuals with their physical and mental health!

“Working out at the Beast Bus is such a great experience, the Beast Bands are a durable, long-lasting band that pairs great with the workouts!”

– Sean C.

“The Beast Bus is somewhere that I can let go of all the negativity from my day. It is somewhere that I can be comfortable and be myself. It is a judgment free zone where I can grind and have the best workout ever but also have so much fun doing it!”

– Franny Z.

“Working out at the Beast Bus is something that has prepared me for the next steps of my hockey career. Coach Stoop is able to have a hands on approach, not only telling us how to do the workout but also showing us. Working out can sometimes feel like more of a hassle than fun, but anytime at the beast bus is made enjoyable with all the energy that goes around. My hockey career has taken more steps forward, in only a year than I would have ever thought possible, thanks to the beast bus.”

– Evan D.

“The Beast Bus has been a saving grace during such an uncertain time. I had gotten away from strength training and exercise all together but the safe space and environment at the Beast Bus has given me my passion again. The beast bands have pushed me past strength limits and created new exercises that I enjoy. They have also provided new and difficult ways of doing some of my favorite motions! Let’s Feel Good and BE A BEAST!”

– Maggie M.

“The beast bus saved me during lockdown. All the gyms were closed and all workout equipment was sold out. The beast bus was fully equipped and I was able to make major gains and increase strength.  Loved working with the beast bands too. My favorite part about the bands is how convenient and easy they are to use. I also recommend checking Out Stoop’s channel on YouTube, as it has great workout tips!”

– Nic P.

“Going to the Beast Bus has been a great  experience for me! I have gained so much knowledge about enhancing my sports performance that I can apply to my game. In addition, Stoop cares about helping me not only in the short term but in the long term as well, by teaching me about healthy habits that I can use after my sport! I have gained so much strength while working with Stoop and following his program and I so much more have confidence in myself! 

The Beast Bands provide a great alternative or addition to using weights! They are so versatile and portable and provide me and tons of other athletes the opportunity to get a great workout out in with minimal space and equipment needed. In addition, while using the beast bands I have gained strength and range of mobility. I also have learned methods to use the bands prior to performing my sport to enhance performance from post activation potentiation!”

– Erin P.


“The beast bands are the only consistent piece of equipment that is always in my gym bag. They are vital in my warm up processes for both my upper body and lower body. They’ve helped me prepare my body to be equipped to take on the stress it undergoes on a daily basis! I’ve learned that firing up the right muscles is huge in feeling good, preventing injury and ultimately optimizing performance and the beast bands have my back for that!

– Shelby F.

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