Developing Complete Athletes Through Our Three Pillars 

1.  Education

Educated Athletes are Invested Athletes!  We teach the “WHY” because when athletes understand the importance of their customized CWS program, they WANT it more and they’re more confident!  We teach athletes the importance of nutrition and the various aspects of a complete and comprehensive performance program.  We also focus on developing the athlete’s “IQ.”

2.  Nutrition

The most overlooked and underutilized tool when it comes to an athlete’s performance is nutrition!  Nutrition is perhaps the most important factor for athletes.  Without nutrition, an athlete’s performance ceiling is limited.  Nutrition as a crucial part of their training.  

We use advanced nutritional approaches/protocols to optimize the following:

– In season and off season specific nutrition plans
– Goal specific plans (weight gain, weight maintenance, weight loss, etc.)
– Nutrition for enhancing recovery 
– Performance specific nutrient plans and formulas
– Adherence: we work with the athletes to build a program they not only will follow and stick to, but will also enjoy!

3.  Performance

We take a comprehensive approach to Performance.  Performance goes beyond just the weight room or the field.  We focus on enhancing ALL factors that contribute to the athletes performance!  

These factors include:
– Injury prevention and recovery
– Biomechanical/movement efficiency
– Goal specific weight training program
– Agility, plyometrics, and footwork
– Conditioning

– Season specific aquatic training programs 
– Position specific skills development
– Testing and assessments to monitor progression

We also do performance testing using our Mobile Gym, the Beast Bus, to get baselines and measure each athlete’s progress.

The Lacrosse Combine

This is a one of a kind experience where athletes will have the opportunity to learn about the proper form and technique of commonly tested exercises and their importance as it relates to their sport.  After being taught the proper form and technique of each exercise, they will then be tested on that exercise. Athletes will be taught and tested on the following:

  • Bench Press 
  • Squat 
  • Pullups 
  • Pushups/Dips
  • Vertical Jump
  • 5-10-5 Pro Agility 
  • 10 Yard Dash 
  • 40 Yard Dash 
  • 300 Yard Shuttle 
They will also have the unique opportunity to use the first Mobile Gym this sport has seen with four collapsible wall mounted weightlifting racks, each of which will have its own LED light to illuminate the platform for evening and night sessions.