My name is Nick Stoop, Owner/Founder of Custom Wellness Solutions and President/Founder of LFG Let’s Feel Good, a mental health nonprofit.  I am also the creator of the Beast Bands and Beast Bus Mobile Gym, which I use for my Lacrosse Combine events, training my athletes (or BIPs as we’re referred to, Beast In Progress), team and program performance testing, assessment, and education.  

I have coached at the high school and club level for over 7 years and have worked with athletes of all levels from middle school through the professional level providing their strength and conditioning and nutrition.  I played Division I lacrosse at Robert Morris University before transferring to play at Eastern Connecticut State University where I was able to design my own major studying exercise science, sports performance, nutrition, and biochemistry.  Yes, I am that smart.

After carving out my own nutrition and performance curriculum, I started my own business, Custom Wellness Solutions, and I’ve even built my own Mobile Gym Trailer, The Beast Bus, for my Lacrosse Combine events to provide athletes with the education and tools that I wish I had access to growing up playing!  CWS develops the complete athlete through our 3 Pillars: Education, Nutrition, and Performance.   

I’ve also been on the Wellness Board for the WPLL and over 50 professional men’s and women’s lacrosse athletes trust in CWS, our products, and services!  I’ve personally worked with athletes in the PLL, WPLL, NLL, and MLL, including a few members of the USA Men’s & Women’s Lacrosse teams! 

Some fun facts about me include my love for my Giant Schnauzer Lexi, and for the Maryland Flag as well as Dragons, both of which you can find implemented throughout my logos and designs.  Dragons symbolize power, wisdom, strength, and knowledge, all of which we aim to foster here at CWS!  Another fun fact is that my favorite number and number playing lacrosse in college was 31, which you’ll see implemented in our pricing!  

One last thing about me… my athletes are so much more than just athletes to me, they’re family!  You can ask any BIP, we are all a community, a family and we’re all here to push each other to get better on and off the field!  We’re always here for each other!  


Nick Stoop